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Poiema is the word in Ancient Greek for Workmanship, and in context specifically means something made by the Divine. In this firm, we believe each of our clients is a unique Work of Art, and our job as their architect is to reveal this through the built environment.


Our work is not about us, nor is about simply regurgitating the current day's trends. We believe the work of Architecture is an intimate one with the aim of *revealing* each client's unique self through the built space. Our favorite moments are when our clients tell us that they were at first going to sell their project, but after working with us want to keep it for themselves and pass it on to the next generation.






| 1 |

We are organized.

Like a good building starts with strong bones, an effective studio is run in an organized way. This means we take time to set up Project Folders, and set up Drawing files in a way that is clean, consistent, and clear.


| 02 |

We draw with our hands.

We believe our hands have a mind and soul of their own and we use them as much as possible in the design process. Our hand drawings inform the technical digital drawings we complete for our clients.


| 03 |

We listen.

We listen to each other and to our clients. Listening is the first step toward building strong relationships and solving design problems. 

| 04 |

We see beauty in the specifics.

Details are important; they often go unnoticed, but are always felt. We aim to explore details in the work we touch. 


| 05 |

We are one small piece of the puzzle.

Architecture at its best is a collaborative effort among designers, engineers, artists and clients. There may be an “I” in architecture but it’s a lowercase one.

| 06 |

We believe beauty and art is not subjective, nor is it superficial.

We believe beauty is a reflection of thoughtfulness, attention to detail, hard work and time. We believe that what we see affects how we feel. Like beauty, so much of the human experience cannot be communicated, but can be felt. 


| 07 |

We believe in the value of good work.

We believe shortcuts taken in the Architecture process lead to lost time and increased cost over the long run. A well done and honestly run project may require a larger initial investment, however it will yield tremendous time and financial savings over the course of the project.

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